Saturday, August 29, 2009

Average American

I was reading Glenn Beck’s “Common Sense” when I came across a statement that caused much reflection. He stated in regards to the corruption of Washington leaders, “By lowering our standards for them, we’ve lowered the standards for ourselves.” I believe this is inaccurate. In today’s political atmosphere, there’s a push towards a Neo-Marxist transformation of our Democratic Republic. Radicals have replaced Statesmen, Community Organizers have replaced Community Leaders and Czars rule the land where once Senators legislated. I do not dispute the dangerous Marxist agenda that is being thrust down the throat of the country. Yet it is the ignorance of history that assumes our generation is the only generation to face attacks from ideologues such as these. Our nation’s history reflects the constant presence and persistence of radicals that have sought the destruction of the American way of life.
Our country is in great trouble today but not merely due to the new found power and influence of Marxist radicals; rather, it is due to an ongoing spiritual deterioration of our people: the average American. Beck’s statement should be written: “By lowering the standards for ourselves, we have lowered the standards for them.” The primary place where blame is to be identified is not Washington, Wall Street, Hollywood or even Academia: it is in the “Average American.” Those who are protesting, fighting and scared for our country are exactly the ones who must step to the front line and hear with humility the declaration of our guilt and complicity in our nation’s demise. Our leaders are corrupt, but they are only reflections of a society that has become corrupt.
Note for exampe, DEBT – how can the government lead us into national debt beyond our wildest dreams? How can they justify spending money that they do not have for things that they do not need? When did it become acceptable governmental business practice to destroy our future, the Dollar and the economic fabric of our society? These are legitimate questions. This September 12, thousands will gather at Washington to revolt against a government in debt, spending money they don’t have and exercising no fiscal discipline whatsoever. HOWEVER, many of those same people will return to their homes, themselves in needless materialistic debt themselves! Not legitimate debt such as a car or home, but debt accrued through the unbridled American frenzy for all things new. The average American household is in debt for such "vital" things as: Wii’s, Blackberries, big screen T.V.s, new furniture (as opposed to the ancient 3 year old furniture) and an endless list of other-things. Are we not reaping in government what we have sown in our personal lives? We as a people have spent years accumulating life crushing debt. After decades of self-absorbed spending, is it any wonder that the day has come that the government insanity of debt has finally come to reflect the personal insanity of debt?
Consider HYPOCRISY – the self serving attitude of our government leaders oozes from the television screen every night. Their principles are based upon expediency; their standards grounded upon convenience. They hypocrasy is a revolting stench. But are we any better? Is it not the height of hypocrisy that it is money that has called us to protest? Many “Christian Conservatives” have gathered at recent town hall meetings protesting against higher taxes. But where were the marches on Washington when God was removed from the school system? Where were the marches of the people when Roe v. Wade was being enacted? Where has our righteous indignation been as moral filth has flooded our homes, schools, neighborhoods and lives? Where? — We were making and enjoying money! We were intoxicated with materialism. Now, the true opiate of the people is being threatened; and only now do we wake to call Washington hypocrites for disturbing our own hypocrisy.
Dreaded MARXISM – is threatening our nation today. At the core of Marxism/Communism is Godlessness. But the Marxists in our nation are only taking the next logical step that our own Godlessness has led them to. They are only putting into action the idea that has been in the minds average Americans. Today Marxism rejects God’s reality in our lives because yesterday we have rejected God’s authority in our lives. We are fearful that the new movements in this nation are going to oust God from our nation. They are, in fact, only ousting the “memory” of God, for God has been long ago been forgotten.
The national catastrophe at our door step is the result of people – average Americans . It is the result of the “American Way of Life” without God. It is easier for our conscience to blame “them”; but they are nothing less than our own reflections. Washington, Hollywood and Wall Street are what they are because deep in our hearts we are what we are - Sinners. If we are going to see any hope for our nation, it begins in repentance. Let each individial and each home enter into private repentance before God – this is our only hope.