Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In year gone by we heard the shrieks of “conspiracy nuts” warning us of the things we now see unfolding before our eyes. The recent vote and passage of health care reform, Government bail outs, the unprecedented actions of the Federal Reserve, Government ownership of car companies and a host of other actions have left us stunned and incredulous. America is in grave danger. What we are witnessing unfold before us is the intentional dismantling of a system based upon Christian ethics and morality. And in its place we see the installation of a new world system that is based upon humanism and Godlessness. The shrieks of the “nuts” now sound more like clarion calls of warning.
Yet, as Christians, we must look beyond the politics and see the true cause of the demise of our nation. We are disintegrating as a nation not because of our political choices but because of our moral choices. The news pundits on the right would have us believe that it is all because of Barak Obama or the Democrats. But this national decay and destruction has been a long time in the making. We have sown with indifference in the face of God and now we are beginning to reap the harvest. It is hypocrisy to blame the Democrats, the Republicans, Washington or Wall Street. We are to blame: you and I. As long as our stocks were safe, our investments were growing and our 401ks and mortgages were untouched we were blissfully happy. There was the frustration with certain aspect of society; but there certainly was not the outrage and righteous anger we now see. The great tragedy of our time is that our “righteous” anger has been stirred –not by moral outrage by financial frustration. Where has our “anger” been as believers and conservatives? God was kicked out of our schools, homosexuality was crammed down our collective throats, sexual immorality ran rampant and abortion has claimed millions of lives. Where was our righteous anger then? The tragedy that I see is that the Conservative movement: i.e. the “Tea Party” movement (which I am a part of) has excluded themselves from any wrong doing and taken a moral high ground position – of which we are not worthy. We must ask ourselves this question: what were we doing when we had prosperity and freedom? What happens if a new group of politicians takes over Washington and taxes are lowered and health care repealed and life goes back to “normal?” Was that normal righteous? Were our schools, homes, churches and morals as a nation so good two years ago? The Tea party movement, the Conservative resurgence and all other political movements will fail miserably if we do not return to the foundation that acknowledges our moral responsibility before Almighty God.
Simply resetting the nation to a Pre-Obama administration is not the answer. We stand on the precipice of something far more vast and in a time far more important. What we are seeing is the hand of God being removed from our shores; We must return to a day in which God was feared....not just shown lip service. Today, I was at a local college where I take courses. An older man in our class began to talk about the health care reform bill being passed and how that our country was being taken away from us. The rest of the class (mostly young twenties) laughed at him out loud. They thought him to be a nut. But they do not see that history stands against them; and far more terrifying is that God stands against them. Our privileges were given to us as a nation because of our recognition and accountability to God. We must recognize that this is more than a political issue; we are facing darker days ahead unless we address the moral poison that has nearly strangled our nation.
So how do we do this? While rallies and marches on Washington may or may not affect politics, how can we as a people “under God” return to living in the light of the knowledge and authority of our “Divine Maker?”
I – Repentance for our sins and indifference to God: not confessing our nations or others sins: ours!
II –Radical Commitment to Living the Christian truths and morals on a day to day basis regardless of its cost to our status in society.
III – Return to morality and righteousness being the most important truth.

IV – Re-engaging the political world with the truth of morality and the Judeo-Christian ethic.
Personality, Parties and Promises must all kneel to the primary issue: morality and fear of God.
V – Recapturing our Children’s education.
VI - Revival: the all-powerful hand of God working in our midst.