Thursday, May 20, 2010

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech is freedom of thought. Freedom of speech is more than a right to articulate mere syllables and words; it is a right to think and consequently believe. Speech expresses ideas and ideas are the fruit of unfettered thought. Groups, forces, bureaucracies and philosophical ideologies within our government are seeking to curtail speech and ultimately to control thought. Freedom of speech is “the” precious treasure that must be defended at all costs. The loss of this treasure does not just affect us politically but spiritually. For our part, Christians must rouse from our sleep and recognize the dangers facing us in this day. To control our political speech is only a breath away from controlling religious speech.

Rev. Charles Turner: "Religious liberty is so blended with civil, that if one falls it is not to be expected that the other will continue."

We as Preachers can no longer treat what is unfolding on the nightly news as just another political turf war between the Republicans & Democrats. We must wake up and see that what we are facing is a fundamental battle between “right and wrong” between “freedom and slavery” between those who are peaceable towards the Christian faith and those who are actively anti-Christian. We are facing the radical and intentional transformation of our nation. Preachers cannot put their heads in the sand no matter how noble a name we give to that sand. It has always been a dangerous balancing act for Pastors to be involved in politics but we must run that risk now in these perilous times. We must run the risk of being “too political” now in order that we may preserve our freedoms tomorrow.
We must not be afraid to declare from our pulpits that our freedoms as a nation are being plundered. The call to arms is now; the need is now – I fear that far too many Pastors and Christian leaders do not grasp the precipice of chaos and tragedy that we are dangling from. We must rise to take the lead at the Tea Parties. We must contact our local and state and national elected officials and demand of them character. We must warn our people publicly from the pulpit. We must declare openly that while Capitalism has its flaws Communism has spilled the innocent blood of untold millions of Christians. We must unashamedly declare that we are living in a Congressional and Presidential despotism. Preachers – our voices must be heard – lovingly if we can…..loudly if we must….heard at all costs.

John Hancock: “Tis immortality to sacrifice ourselves for the salvation of our country. We fear not death, we dread nothing but slavery.”