Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In the fury and bluster of troubled times there is, for Christians, a danger of becoming carried away with the moment and losing sight of eternal biblical principles that transcend political principles. This is just such a time. I do not believe that Socialism, nor any of its off shoots, is a viable political approach. The founding political principles of America has been and is the best, although not without problems, political approach to the human experience. But Socialism is not the great danger facing America. The cries of angst against bigger government, bail outs, environmentalism run rampant and political corruption are things that should not be our greatest fears. In short, Socialism will not destroy our nation - Sin will. It is not the political corruption in the halls of our government, but rather, the moral corruption within the the walls of our homes that will bring this nation to its knees. It is not bigger government but bigger "religion" that hides the face of God. Christianity has flourished under an array of political schemes: monarchies, oligarchies, republics, democracies and dictatorships. It is righteousness not rightness of politics that procures the blessings of God. Political change, no matter how noble is not the true and deepest answer to the issues we are facing. The only real issue is not grass roots political change but grass roots spiritual transformation. Christianity transcend politics. True morality and spiritual power is the result of an encounter with God and not the result of legislation. Tomorrow many Christians will attend "Tax Tea Parties" but that will, in the end, have little lasting impact. Far better would it be for Christians to attend prayer meetings, fast and seek God. We are facing times that call for a "rending of the heavens" if ever we are to be saved. We are facing challenges that can no longer be dealt with by newer methods. I believe it is very dangerous for Christians to be swept away in the fight for American Capitalism. The fight is not against flesh and blood. The fight of faith is one of righteousness. We must keep our focus clear and balanced. Socialism may be a symptom; but Sin is the disease. Only Calvary, only truth can truly cure the disease.

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