Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Genesis 2.1-17

I - Verses 1-3: Two Key Things.

1. The Seventh Day i.e. Sabbath {NOT for Christians - it was given under the Law in Exodus 20.8 & was a sign between God and the nation of Israel in Exodus 31.13}

A. Type of our Salvation - Matt 11.28

B. Type of the Millennium -Is 11.10

C. Type of God's Daily Blessings - Jer 6.16

*** We can "apply" this in that it is wise and healthy to dedicate Sunday to the Lord .

2. Sanctify i.e. Sanctified - Jude v. 1 {The Law of first mention shows us the meaning - it means to be set apart for God's use or purpose.}

*** That should be the description of every Christian's life: set part for God's use and purpose.

II - Verses 4-6: The Lord God. {Up until this point it has only been, God. Now we see the wording, "Lord God}

Lord/ Jehovah: self existent one the reveals himself.

*** NOTICE - that the revealing aspect only comes after creation: Romans 1.19-20

III - Verse 7: Man is Formed. {There are a couple of things to be noted} · Man is Triune - salvation is whole man

· Man is created with age - all creation

· Man's environment in Eden was much different than today - which throws off carbon & geological dating.

IV - Verses 8- 14 Eden and the Garden. ST: There are two things here: 1. Eden is the Middle East

2. God's intention and plan is a Literal Land Kingdom here on Earth and the Middle East will continue to bee the hot spot of Earth until Christ sets up that Literal Land Kingdom.

EXAMPLE - 4 Bible Empires, Ottoman, Crusades, Imperial Britain, Napoleon, WWI, WWI, Cold War, War on Terror, WWIII, Armageddon.... *** The Bible is far more up to date that we want to believe or realize!!!!

V - Verses 15-17 Two Trees. ST: There is a difference between "speculation" and "biblical speculation." We are going to engage in the latter!!! **** What were the two trees in the garden of Eden around which so much trouble gathered?

1 - The Tree of Life: Olive Tree. ST: A "few" reasons why:

· Noah Ark, Gen 8.11, Olive Branch brought back by the Dove a type of the Holy Spirit

· Olive Oil for lamp in Tabernacle

· Paul speak of our union to Christ as being grafted into a tree - Olive Tree

· Mt. of Olives in Christ's ministry:

Second Coming Discourse Ascension Return

2 - The Tree of Knowledge: Grape Tree (vine) ST: a few reasons why: · Noah blessed by Olive/Cursed by Vine ·

Ez 15 states "Vine Tree"

· Jesus is called 'True Vine (Jn 15) vs. the false vine of the earth (Rev 18)

· Wine connected with Drunkenness & Nakedness:

Adam & Eve, Noah, Lot

· Type of Blood forbidden by God

CLOSING: regardless of what the trees were we come back to the same formula. God's blessings are on those who ARE what He wants, DOING what He wants, WHERE he wants.

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